Blu Logic® Hands-Free System

Benefits of Choosing Toyota Genuine Blu Logic Hands-Free System Parts

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of hands-free cell phone use—and comply with regulations restricting use of cell phones while driving—courtesy of the BLU LOGIC® Hands-Free System. BLU LOGIC integrates with your factory audio system speakers, allowing you to answer incoming calls with the push of a button, while outgoing calls are as simple as speaking into the fixed microphone provided.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT923-00094;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00094;PT923-00094;PT923-00097;PT923-00094;PT923-00094;PT923-00094;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00094;PT923-00094;PT923-00094;PT923-00094;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00094;PT923-00094;PT923-00094;PT923-00094;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00094;PT923-00097;PT923-00097;PT923-00094;PT923-00094 More
Part Number PT923-00111


1BLU Logic is a registered trademark of TMI Products, Inc.

2The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by TMI Products, Inc. is under license.

3Performance of BLU Logic compatible phones will vary based on phone software version, coverage, and your wireless carrier. See for more details.

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