Injection Pipe Clamp #2

About this product

The Injection Pipe Clamp #2 (#23742-58020), an integral part of Toyota's Engine-Fuel Injection Nozzle and Pump Assembly systems, is responsible for securing the fuel injection pipes in place. By doing so, it helps maintain the correct alignment and position of the pipes, preventing leaks and ensuring that fuel is delivered efficiently to the engine. Over time, wear and tear can cause the clamp to loosen or break, which could potentially cause fuel leaks or misalignment of the injection pipes, compromising the vehicle's performance and safety. Genuine Toyota parts, like the Injection Pipe Clamp #2 (#23742-58020), are designed specifically for Toyota vehicles, offering optimum compatibility. Additionally, Toyota backs its genuine parts with a robust warranty. The Injection Pipe Clamp #2 (#23742-58020) plays a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle's fuel efficiency and safety, underscoring the importance of timely replacement and the use of genuine parts.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 23742-58020

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